Soundproof Accordion Doors

Accordion Soundproofing Door

Commercial to residential, institutional to industrial – you name the place, and Soundproof Accordion Doors can help define the space. Whether you need to divide a  room into more  areas, free up floor space, or help reduce distracting noise, you won’t find a better solution than a quality-crafted Accordion Door. And rest assured: you’ll get the flawless functionality and lasting durability

Accordion Doors STC 21

ANC-30 Accordion Door

Accordion Door ANC-33

ANC-45 Accordion Door

Delivering sound reduction in an attractive, reasonably priced, single-wall door is ideal wherever some degree of sound reduction is needed, such as restaurants, offices and churches. Also minimizes heat loss or air exchange between rooms.

If reducing noise is as important as adding good looks to a space, and economy’s a factor too, here’s the door most people turn to.

ANC acoustic partitions are ideally suited to spaces where, in addition to closing off part of a room, some degree of sound reduction* is desired. In restaurants, churches, offices, assisted living facilities, almost anywhere, this durable accordion door serves to reconfigure a space at a moment’s notice, minimize distracting noise, and also, thanks to full-perimeter seal system, lessen heat loss and air exchange between rooms.

Full- perimeter seal minimizes heat loss or air exchange between rooms by adding an extruded vinyl sweep system on top and bottom, acoustically sealed track, ceiling guard and interlocking jamb molding with sound gasket.