Soundproof Accordion Doors for Country Club


When the management of a Country Club situated in south of Florida contact  us to solve the issue of too much noise seeping into their formal Dinning area from  noisy and sometimes boisterous adjacent Bar, They wanted an easy yet elegant solution to separate the two spaces  plus the option of opening effortlessly when an event calls for a bigger space and traffic  flow between both areas.


Our Soundproof Accordion Door  STC 45 can quickly transform any room into two or more sections which needs privacy  and unparalleled noise control. Since our Soundproof Accordion doors are available in different finishes, it was easy to match the door  with existing décor of the club  and maintaining the elegant aesthetics of the exclusive Country Club, as well as keeping the sound level at a degree where all the  members of Club were happy. Requiring only an overhead track for support, these compact panel could  recess easily into sidewall pocket, conveniently storing them out of sight and out of mind, whenever the management requires to use the full space for special events.

Club management was happy with exceptional results which they could achieve with our budget friendly yet very effective  solution.

Please call our acoustical experts for free consultation if you are facing any noise control issues at you space.