Soundproof Wall ANC-400 Series

ANC-400 3 1/4″ (82mm) thick operable walls for general purpose applications have high density panel faces machine bonded to metal frames providing strength, mass and stability.



ANC Soundproof Operable Walls are installed throughout all types of educational institutions, convention centers, hotel conference rooms and meeting rooms, medical and religious facilities, corporate offices, training facilities, restaurants and lounges, apartment complexes and homes worldwide. This is just to name a few.

The following lists some common features and available operations of Series 400 operable walls. Click on the highlighted model above or below for detailed features for that model:

Walls available to 16′ (4877mm) high.
Acoustically rated to Sound Transmission Class (STC) 50.
Class A flame spread rated panels have non-combustible, high density faces machine bonded to one-piece, unspliced metal frames.
Standard Sheer Look® wrap-around panel edges.
Optional additional protective edge-of-face trim available for those customers who need extra edge protection.
Strong, protective, universally interlocking framing astragals on both panel edges of every model made of steel for extra impact strength.
Astragals are self-mating, deep-nesting, labyrinth-style with sound seals spaced far apart for optimum acoustical performance.
Continuous horizontal top and bottom seals.
All seal mechanisms are outside the panel frames for access for serviceability.
Quiet, smoooth, aluminum track systems with integral metal soffits.
Solid, sturdy, acoustically-tight, adjustable pass doors with optional Autocloser hydrualic door closers, exit (panic) hardware, and photo-luminescent exit signs.
All panels are unitized for torsional rigidity and acoustical tightness. We do not offer models having gypsum faces loosely contained in aluminum frames.

ANC – 400MD Model

 Multi-Directional Individual Panels

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ANC – 410PP Model

Pre-Programmed Individual Panels

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ANC – 420 Model

Paired Panels, Straight-Line Openings

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