Soundproof Folding Partition ANC-VL Series

Accordion VL Series is designed and manufactured to provide economical space division with a traditional (standard) vinyl or (optional) carpet finish contoured to a three-dimensional welded steel frame. Architectural features include steel rust-resistant hinges, positive stops, balanced frame support and a wrinkle prevention construction. The clear anodized structural alloy aluminum track system features a lifetime guarantee in the original installation

Common Applications for the VL Series are:

Religious Facilities
Banquet Facilities
Corporate Training Facilities








ANC-VL-2 STC 35                  ANC-VL6  STC 38                   ANC-VL-8  STC 40


VL Series Product Features:

Every ANC accordion is equipped with a functional easy grip handle that makes latching and moving the partition extremely easy.
Positive stops built into the internal hinges prevent over extension of the partition causing structural stress to the frame.
The ceiling guard has a built in air release system that permits trapped air to escape thru the top of the partition when being stacked. This method of air release allows for smoother and easier operation.
Sound insulating liners that extend full height on both sides are used on STC rated partitions.