Soundproof Doors Signature Series

Soundproof Doors Signature Series folding doors are a favorite among interior designers and buyers who appreciate rich, hand crafted elegance. The distinguishing feature between Signature and ANC-4FD folding doors is the solid wood panel connector moldings designed to match the panel in color and in sophistication. These doors lend uncommon convenience to residential and contract applications while lending a designer’s touch.

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Soundproof Doors Signature Series

Signature Soundproof doors conserve much of the space that swinging, bi-fold and sliding doors waste, making these the perfect closet doors when it comes to utility and convenience. Unlike swinging and bi-fold doors, which protrude into a room, the Signature does not interfere with the placement of furniture or walking clearances, and unlike sliding doors, they do not block access to half of the closet at a time.

3300-2Strong, Laminated 4-1/2″ Wide, 3/8″ Thick Wood Core Panels
Wood Veneer, Vinyl or Decorative High Pressure Laminate (HPL) Surfacing
Matching Panel Connector Mouldings
Decorative Aluminum Track
Double Ball-Bearing Wheels
Touch-Bar Automatic Latches and Jamb Mould
Heights to 8′ 1″

Signature doors are exceptionally well suited for doorways. The panels stack neatly within standard door jambs. In fact, when stacked (or fully open), this door requires 1/70th of the space required by an average-size swinging door.

ANC – Signature and Scale doors are ADA compliant, making them a great application for closets and doorways in retirement and assisted care facilities.

Soundproof Doors Signature Series Technical Data 

Soundproof Doors Signature Series wood folding doors, with the designer’s touch, lend uncommon convenience to residential and contract applications. Featuring panels and panel connector mouldings of the same materials. Signature doors blend with traditional or contemporary decor. They also feature aluminum track double nylon wheels, Touch-Bar™ positive latches, and jamb mould.