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Commercial to residential, institutional to industrial – you name the place, and ANC Accordion Doors can help define the space. Whether you need to divide a cold, cavernous room into more people-friendly areas, free up floor space, eliminate door fights in tight areas, or help reduce distracting noise, you won’t find a better solution than a quality-crafted Accordion Door. And rest assured: whether it’s installed at home or in a hotel lobby, you’ll get the flawless functionality and lasting durability you’d expect from a ANC creation. Simply put, there’s just no better choice.

Accordion Soundproofing Door ANC-2100

Accordion Door

Delivering sound reduction in an attractive, reasonably priced, single-wall door, the Series 2100 is ideal wherever some degree of sound reduction is needed, such as restaurants, offices and churches. Also minimizes heat loss or air exchange between rooms.

If reducing noise is as important as adding good looks to a space, and economy’s a factor too, here’s the door most people turn to.

ANC- 2100S single-wall acoustic partitions are ideally suited to spaces where, in addition to closing off part of a room, some degree of sound reduction* is desired. In restaurants, churches, offices, assisted living facilities, almost anywhere, this durable accordion door serves to reconfigure a space at a moment’s notice, minimize distracting noise, and also, thanks to full-perimeter seal system, lessen heat loss and air exchange between rooms.

ANC-2100’s full- perimeter seal minimizes heat loss or air exchange between rooms by adding an extruded vinyl sweep system on top and bottom, acoustically sealed track, ceiling guard and interlocking jamb molding with sound gasket

Acorrdion Door Sound Reduction ANC-3300

Architectural SpecificationsDoors shall be accordion-type with panels connected continuously along the top and bottom by a steel hardware hinge system.
Individual hinges are riveted to those adjoining, and contain stops to maintain a uniform extended position. Extruded vinyl seals securely connect all adjoining panels top to bottom (except Series 540 & 740).Doors shall be suspended by nylon wheels from aluminum overhead track. All necessary hardware shall be included for normal installation.Available FinishesNatural hardwoods, vinyls, solid vinyls, textured vinyls, custom paint finishes, custom stain finishes, high pressure decorative laminate finishes, aluminum and applied murals.

An attractive way to draw the line between loud and quiet, the Series 3300 is perimeter-sealed and acoustic-lined for moderate sound reduction.Accordion Door

Matching dual-wall construction with the proven durability of our exclusive hardware hinge system and rigid body panels, it conveniently allows the selection of alternate finish materials on each door face.

A uniquely practical solution for space, sound and heat loss control, ANC-3300 acoustic room partition is a smart alternative to similar, but much more expensive options.

Perimeter-sealed, acoustic-lined and incorporating All Noise Contro’s exclusive heavy duty hardware system, this dual-walled partition functions beautifully in offices, churches, restaurants and hotel meeting spaces, anywhere needing moderate sound control. Series 3300 doors are available in a variety of handsome hardwood and Vinyl-Lam finishes, even alternate finish materials on each door face.

The Nuts And Bolts Of Our Nuts And Bolts

Our exclusive steel hardware hinge system is designed to keep doors operating smoothly and lends fantastic strength and long-term durability. It also means the doors stay solidly in place while both open and closed.