Operable Walls ANC-Model 820

Operable Walls Model 820 operable walls have panels hinged in groups of two, each panel supported by radial type, steel ball-bearing wheels, which allow convenient, manual operation and center stacking. Heights to 22’0″ (6850mm).

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Operable Walls ANC-Model 820 Product Features

Sound absorption ratings to NRC .80
Optional U.L.® 1 Hour fire rating
Sound Transmission Class ratings to STC 55
Unspliced four inch (102mm) thick welded steel panels
Available to 22 feet (6850mm) high

Operable Walls ANC-Model 820 operable walls have attained ratings of STC 55, STC 53, STC 51, STC 49; and an NRC .80 on STC 51 panels.