Operable Walls ANC-Model 810MD

Operable Walls ANC-Model 810MD Product Features
Sound absorption ratings to NRC .80
Optional U.L.® 1 Hour fire rating
Available to 16 feet (4877mm) high
Unspliced four inch (102mm) thick welded steel panels
Sheer Look® panel edges with no exposed trim

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Product Brief

Model 810MD Multi-Directional, individual panels, easily negotiate 90 degree 2, 3, and 4-way track intersections. Each panel can be turned in any direction, anywhere along the track grid allowing the panels close off alternative openings and/or be stored in alternate locations when not in use. Moduflex Model 810MD panels are available in heights to 16’0″ (4877mm).

Series 800 operable walls have attained ratings of STC 55, STC 53, and STC 51; and an NRC .80 on STC 51 panels.

Operable Walls Case Study

HOA Community Office located in Wellington, FL was looking to install soundproof folding partitions so they can maximize their space for conference and board meetings and to create multi functional space.

Folding Wall Partition was the perfect solution. It allows club house to be subdivided when required so that a variety of events can be hosted at once. For Private meetings, they were looking for good acoustics and it was important so that events could occur without noise disturbance.

We proposed an installation of ANC Series 800 operable walls that have attained ratings of STC 55 and an NRC .80.

After Folding Wall Partitions were installed per Property manager “that folding partitions looks good and are easy to use, but more importantly they have made the clubhouse space more usable”.