Operable Walls ANC- Model 510MD

Model 510MD Multi-Directional, individual panels, easily negotiate 90 degree 2, 3, and 4-way track intersections. Each panel can be turned in any direction, anywhere along the track grid allowing the panels close off alternative openings and/or be stored in alternate locations when not in use. Model 510MD panels are available in heights to 16’0″ (4877mm).

Product Features

Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings to STC 52
Unspliced, welded, steel-framed, steel-faced panels with SheerLook™ roll formed edges with no exposed trim
Thin 3 1/4″ (82mm) Panel Thickness
Available to 16 feet (4877mm) high


Series 500 operable walls have attained ratings of STC 52, and STC 50.






Model 510MD
Multi-Directional Individual Panels