Operable Walls ANC 2000 Series

ANC 2000 Series Steel panels are manufactured of acoustical substrate pressure laminated to both sides of steel framing members. The finish material can be wrapped around the vertical edges of the panel to create a seamless appearance between adjacent panels (standard) or the vertical edge can be completely encapsulated and protected by a decorative aluminum trim (optional). For added durability, an optional steel skin can be laminated on top of the substrate material.

Common Applications for the ANC 2000 Series are:

Civic or Exposition Halls
Banquet Facilities
Religious Facilities
Corporate Training Facilities

2000 Series Models

ANC 2010
ANC 2030

2000 Series Product Features:

The 2000 Series panels are available with standard acoustical substrate or optional steel skins for added durability.
Standard trimless vertical astragals provide a positive interlock with adjacent panels that prevent sound leaks while producing a minimal seamless appearance at the panel face or optional “cap-type” astragals can also be used.
With a standard STC rating of 42, 45, 49, 50, and 51, the 2000 Series offers a wide selection of sound control choices.
All panel components (top seals, bottom seals, expander closure mechanisms, etc.) are accessible from the panel perimeter and do not require removal of panel faces making panels the most serviceable panel on the market today.