Measuring Accordion Door

Measuring for an accordion door
Measure the width of the opening.  001
Measure the height of the opening on both sides and in the middle. Use the shortest height of the three measurements.  002
Installation of an Accordion Door
Open the box and remove the contents.  006
Dry fit the track in the opening. The track can be shortened with a hack saw, but, remember to clean out any shavings before they get mixed up with the grease.  007
The next step is a lot easier if you get someone to give you a hand. Stand the door on end then feed the track onto the wheels making sure each of wheels is properly aligned. Place the track and door into the opening then screw one end of the track to the header using the screws provided. We suggest putting the first couple screws in at this time.  008
Move the door across the track as shown exposing the other end of the track.  009
Secure the remainder of the track.  010
Dry fit the jamb molding directly under and touching the track. Check that the jamb molding is plumb and mark the edge for reference during installation.  011
Using a pencil mark the location of the strike hole.  012
Using a 3/8″ bit drill out the marked strike hole plus the area 1/2 ” above to a depth of 1/2″.  013
Install the jamb molding tight to the track and lined up with the mark made earlier.  markedArea014
Stack the door tight against the jamb and let it hang plumb. Using a pencil mark the location of the jamb panel edge.  016
Extend the door, line the jamb panel up with the marks you made and screw it to the jamb using the screws provided. We suggest securing it in at least three places (low, middle and high) and doing the low place first.  018