Custom Soundproof Accordion Doors

Custom Accordion Door is an efficient, cost effective solution for many common door problems that arise in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

Soundproof Accordion Doors

Soundproof Accordion Doors

They are suitable for a variety of commercial applications, including daycares, offices, restaurants, community centers and multi-purpose rooms. You can quickly reconfigure a room to have more privacy and sound reduction. You can opt for custom finishes, vinyl-lam or natural hardwood.

Accordion Doors – Dividers – Partitions – Walls

The accordion type of door is pleated with many vertical folds and supported by rollers inserted in a track mounted at the top. As it is closed the folds of the door resemble the bellows of an accordion creating a folding divider interior door system that opens by folding back in sections rather than swinging on hinges. The folds may vary in size and finish depending on the application and desired look or appeal.

Custom Accordion Doors

An extremely flexible solution to so many residential or commercial door and divider concerns. Ensure security or privacy? Need to divide a space? Minimize distracting noise?

ANC Accordion Doors meets the toughest challenge, provide a very durable door with superior style. They can define space from commercial to residential and institutional to industrial. Whether you need to divide a cold, spacious room into more people friendly areas, free up floor space, eliminate door fights in tight areas, or help reduce distracting noise, you won’t find a better solution than a quality custom crafted accordion door. Installed in a hotel lobby or at home you gain the flawless functionality and lasting durability you can expect from a ANC custom door.

Hardwood accordion folding doors are now available in “Forest Stewardship Council” (FSC) materials. An added option for All Noise Control’s channel frame products. ANC Series 440 and ANC Series 740 are available with FSC veneers and core materials, which contribute toward LEED® credits. ADA Compatible.

Commercial Soundproof Folding Door

ANC-240 Accordion Doors series

The ANC-240 series accordion doors or folding doors, provide you with many configurations and options to make this door truly a custom accordion door. Match the surrounding Paint, wood, or laminate With our factory custom finishes or by using your paint or stain. The ANC-240 series accordion divider provides a functional way to easily divide a single space or spaces. Accordion doors are economical, easy to install, and most importantly they can be fabricated to any custom size.

ANC-440 Accordion Doors series

Clear Acrylic Accordion Door The 440 series is transparent and generally used in combinations with the ANC- 240 series, the ANC- 640 series, or the ANC-740 series to add visibility to an area. This series accordion door is recognized as a barrier while keeping the area visually open.

Aluminum Panel Divider

The ANC-640 series is great for adding the modern feel of metal to the home or as an industrial barrier to divide a work area as needed.

Aluminum Panel Security Accordion Door

The ANC 740 series is used as a store front or as a barrier in many industrial settings. An accordion security door made with solid or perforated aluminum panels that offer a high level of security for the protection you desire.

Acoustical Accordion Door

The ANC-2100 series acoustical folding door is a prefect way to reduce undesirable sound with minimal cost. This type of acoustical accordion door has been used in restaurants, offices, homes, theaters, and churches. In addition to its acoustical sound reduction properties this series has an highly efficient perimeter seal to reduce heat loss from one area to another.

Acoustical Accordion Room Partition

The ANC-3300 series acoustical accordion door combines our proven durable hardware hinge system, rigid MDF body panels, and a sound liner to create a dual walled sound partition. Practical applications for the 3300 series include offices, churches and restaurants where moderate sound control is desired, along with the flexibility and convenience of an accordion style partition featuring solid panels.

Roll Up Doors

Hardwood Roll Up Door – Crafted exclusively of solid hardwoods our roll-up door enhances commercial or residential spaces. Taking the concept of a roll-top desk to room size applications. Custom made roll-up doors store conveniently overhead providing unrestricted access to service desks, food service areas or retail space.

Security Exterior – Custom Accordion Grilles & Closures – Exterior Security Doors

This is the most complete line of Custom Accordion Security Doors available. Dynamic manufactures the world’s finest security entrance closures and grilles. It is a diverse product line, offering both rolling and side folding closures and grilles in addition to a variety of other unique products for this industry. We offer more security entrance solutions for retail and office locations than any other company in the world. Dynamic closures and grilles are at the Space Camp in Alabama, McDonalds in Saudi Arabia, a restaurant in Paris, U.S. Post Offices from Boston to Austin, and stores in Australia and the Netherlands. A clear anodized finish is standard on all our models. Optional color anodizing and hundreds of powder coat and acrylic paint finishes are available.