ANC-Lucent Folding Doors

ANC – Lucent folding door complements any interior: 5 1/2″ wide, 1/2″ thick, durable rigid PVC panels Satinesque, semi-gloss finishes with lasting color. Smooth, quiet operation



Product Features
5 1/2″ wide, 1/2″ thick, durable rigid PVC panels
Satinesque, semi-gloss finishes with lasting color
Smooth, quiet operation
One-year limited warranty
Made-To-Your-Order™ in the USA
For opening heights to 8’ 6”
Single doors (for opening widths to 8′ 0″) or joining doors (for opening widths to 16′ 0″)
Double-End-Post option to operate single and joining doors from both ends
Full-height panel connector mouldings, overhead track and track trim exactly match the panel color
Easy-to-follow installation instructions

Product Features
Lucent-Panels White
Timeless creamy-white panels with crystal clear, beveled half lites bring glamour and light into any room.
Lucent-Handle Handle
The Lucent door features designer door knobs in stainless steel color. Matching key lock may be used as a removable key or as a privacy turn to lock the door from either side.
StackLatch Stack Holdback
Stacked doors are held tightly against the jamb by a spring-loaded pin clipped through the top of the track.
Green Eco-Friendly Product
By providing building occupants a connection to the outdoors through the introduction of daylight and views into the regularly occupied areas of the building, Nuvo doors can help your building projects achieve LEED credits IEQ 8.1 for daylight and IEQ 8.2 for views.
Double-End-Post-Doors Double-End-Post Doors
Double-End-Post doors offer greater flexibility because they latch to both jambs and may be stacked at either end of the opening. Double-End-Post doors may be used for single openings, joining pairs, or for multiple units in one opening. Double-End-Post doors can be pocket recessed.
TrackTrim Track Trim Included
Overhead track and track trim exactly match the panel color. You may install one or both sides of track trim, or none.
FabricationWidth Maximum Opening Width
Single Doors to 8′-0″
Joining Doors to 16′-0″
FabricationHeight Maximum Fabrication Height = 8′-6″
Appx Hanging Weight = 1.3 lbs/ft2
Nuvo doors are easy to service and disassemble and parts are easy to replace if necessary. See installation instructions for a detailed diagram.
One Year Limited Warranty