ANC-66 Product Specs




1.1.1 The requirements of the instructions to Bidders, General Conditions, Supplementary General Conditions and Section apply to all work hereinafter specified.
1.1.2 This section shall include the furnishing of all tools, equipment and labor necessary to complete all acoustical folding partition work shown on drawings and/or herein specified.
1.1.3 Manufacturer shall furnish acoustical folding partitions complete with hardware, jambs and all necessary mechanisms to provide complete operation. The acoustical folding partitions hereinafter specified shall be installed by qualified factory trained craftsmen skilled in this trade.


1.2.1 Section 03300 Cast-in-Place Concrete
1.2.2 Section 04200 Unit Masonry
1.2.3 Section 05100 Structural Metal Framing
1.2.4 Section 06100 Rough Carpentry
1.2.5 Section 06200 Finish Carpentry
1.2.6 Section 07920 Sealant and Caulking
1.2.7 Section 09250 Gypsum Board
1.2.8 Section 09300 Finish Ceilings
1.2.9 Section 09500 Acoustical Treatment
1.2.10 Section 09650 Finish Flooring
1.2.11 Section 09680 Carpet
1.2.12 Section 09900 Painting
1.2.13 Section 09950 Wall Coverings
1.2.14 Division 16 Electrical Work


1.3.1 American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) E90-90 Laboratory Measurement of Airborne-Sound Transmission Loss of Building Partitions.


1.4.1 One sample of each color material to be used on the project.
1.4.2 Copies of properly identified manufacturer’s literature with proposed catalog numbers identified. Complete shop drawings showing elevations of units, locations in the buildings, conditions at openings with wall thickness and materials, typical and special details of construction, location and installation requirements for hardware and operators, shape and thickness of materials, joints and connections and material finishes.


1.5.1 Deliver materials to job site and protect unsealed materials from abrasions.
1.5.2 Identify each container with material name and identification number. Store materials under cover, protected from weather and construction activities. Safe storage of materials prior to installation is to be the responsibility of the general contractor.

The following manufacturers are acceptable if the product bid meets the criteria outlined in the specifications and detailed on the drawings. All others must submit to the architect for approval, no less than 10 days prior to the bidding, sufficient information to show that their product will meet the intent of the specifications: PANELFOLD, INC.


2.1 ACOUSTICAL ACCORDION folding partitions shall be (specify: manually or electrically operated) (specify one: Sonicwal/66 STC 44, STC 42 or STC 38) as manufactured by Panelfold, Inc., Miami, Florida USA and installed by an authorized representative in openings prepared by others to Sonicwal requirements.

2 .2 TWIN WALL PARTITION PANELS shall be bolted to 16 gauge steel panel support brackets and suspended from the steel yoke hinged at the brackets. Multi-fingered extruded vinyl Sonicsweep seals shall be installed top and bottom both sides of the partition and shall be field adjustable.

2.3 END POSTS shall have deep nesting aluminum nose with dual vertical sound seals and shall be equipped with Gripulls, latches and aluminum jamb moulds (specify: bronze ESP or natural anodized).

2.4 TRACK AND HANGERS: Track shall be extruded aluminum. Four ball-bearing wheels shall be installed on each
volute and a minimum of six shall be installed on each end post.

2.5 PANEL SURFACES: Panels shall be specially laminated engineered wood core, bonded with water-resistant, plastic glue and surfaced with (specify one: architectural wood veneer; wood grain vinyl; textured vinyl; high pressure decorative laminate; or customer’s own material or, Ribtex® wall carpet or Woventex® or Maharam Tekwall® 1000© panel fabric.) Genuine woods, wood grains and colors from manufacturer’s selectors. Optional carved design shall be provided (specify: one or both sides).

2.6 CONNECTOR HINGES: Panels shall be hinged and edge sealed to reduce sound, light and air transmission with heavy duty dual-wall, flame-resistant, extruded vinyl. Hinges shall be securely locked into and protect the panel edges. They shall provide “Memory-Action®” causing panels to extend and stack equally, smoothly and quietly. Colors from manufacturer’s selector.

2.7 TRIM: Optional Ceilinguard head trim shall be supplied.

2.8 HARDWARE: Security units shall be as specified: Privacy lock one side only; cylinder lock one side only; Cylinder lock one side, privacy lock other; Cylinder lock two sides. Master-keyed cylinder lock by others shall be installed in lieu of regularly furnished cylinder.

2.9 FIRE RETARDANCY: Optional at STC 50, STC 45, STC 44 and STC 42 models only. Panels shall be made up of fire retardant cores (ASTM E84-70 laboratory tunnel tested with 20 flame spread, 15 fuel contributed, 15 smoke developed).

2.10 CURVED TRACK, SWITCHES AND MULTIPLE MEETING POSTS: Furnish to effect room division as detailed on the plans. Minimum radius 3’0″ (914mm).

2.11 STACK FORMULA: (Approximately) Sonicwal/66, 2-4″/ft. 187mm/m) + 8-2″ (216mm), manually operated. Add 4″ (102mm) for electrical operation.

2.12 HANGING WEIGHT: (Approximately) STC 44, 7.3 lbs/ft² (36kg/m²); STC 42, 6.7 lbs/ft² (33kg/m²); and STC 38, 4.5 lbs/ft² (22mm/m²).


Before installation is commenced, inspect the opening. Surfaces shall be clean and dry. Concrete surfaces shall be free of excess mortar and lumps. Wood surfaces shall be well nailed and/or glued, nailed heads driven flush, and wood free of voids. Metal surfaces shall be free of grease, oil, dirt, rust, corrosion and welding slag, without sharp edges.

Open containers and verify that all required parts are available and undamaged before disposing of containers. Arrange materials in proper sequence to conform to manufacturer’s information and installation instructions.


3.3.1 Installer shall conform to the manufacturer’s installation instruction sheets.
3.3.2 Apply perimeter caulking and trim as required.
3.3.3 Adjust locking hardware for accurate fit.


3.4.1 Clean all wood, vinyl, wall carpet, panel fabric and plastic laminate surfaces to remove soil without using abrasive cleaners of solutions containing corrosive solvents.
3.4.2 Remove debris from worksite.


3.5.1 After all adjustments, lubrications and clean up, the installer shall demonstrate and instruct the proper operation, function and maintenance procedures for the walls.
3.5.2 Deliver all keys, operation and maintenance manuals to the owner.