Accordion Door Case Study

When Stephen of Manhattan introduced a newborn into his and his’s wife’s life, while certainly a blessing, some aspects of their life became definitively more challenging. – especially maintaining a quiet environment for their baby. The nursery was close enough to the kitchen that any noise made within the kitchen reverberated into the nursery waking the baby, causing Stephen and his wife to have to drop everything and tend to their child. This caused a near constant disruption to their daily schedule.

Stephen approached All Noise control with his problem where we recommended our Soundproof Accordion Doors. We did our best to put Stephen’s mind at ease and accommodate his every request, making sure he felt taken care of. These efforts surely paid off and this was a statement taken from an email from Stephen:

” I don’t know how to thank you. You and your team swooped in with expertise and artistry, and got the job done beyond all of expectations….

Let’s start with this:  They are spectacular.  The gliding motion of the panels along the tracks is far smoother, effortless and quieter than I anticipated.   Given that the panels are guided by only a top track, how easily they lock shut (whether panel to wall or panel to panel) is truly impressive.  The craftsmanship of every piece, especially the look and feel of the individual panels, are of such high quality that any concerns I had on any level including aesthetics (given this was for my home) were clearly unnecessary.

We knew from the beginning that the environment would need to be modified to accommodate the installation – notching out the baseboard molding, moving light switches, etc., – all of which proved necessary.  However, there were not any on-site modifications to any parts of the partition, all of which were there, and it went in as designed.

I am extremely pleased with the acoustic control offered by the partition.  The kitchen noises that come from the other side (running water, garbage disposal, etc.) is sufficiently deadened so as not to be factor for the baby (or us) sleeping inside the newly created room. Thank you for the maintenance tips and looking forward to many years of flawless use from a flawless product!”

We are thrilled to see a customer so satisfied with our product! Stephen not only offered compliments, but constructive criticism.

We are grateful for any and all feedback from our clients that may improve the effectiveness of our services!