Accordion Doors Non-Soundproof

Accordion Doors ANC-140:

Available in either Vinyl-Lam or hardwood panels, Accordion Doors ANC-140 is finished front-side only. A great choice for wardrobes, closets, or utility rooms in offices, college dorms, or assisted living residences.

It installs lightning fast, with no trimming and no additional clips or pivots, thanks to top-suspension mounting. ADA compatible.

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Accordion Doors ANC-220: Residential/Commercial Accordion Doors

Accordion Doors ANC-220 double-sided room divider is durable and beautiful — whichever way you look at it. It can help reduce distractions and let on-the-fly conferences and groups focus, when one area is used for several purposes.

ANC-220’s hard-working hardware is second only to our heaviest-duty commercial system’s. ADA compatible, in Vinyl-Lam or hardwood panels.

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Accordion Doors ANC-240: Residential/Commercial Accordion Doors

Accordion Doors ANC240 doors are specified more often than other accordion doors on the market. Why? Their incredible versatility, scalability, and high-use durability, made all the more flexible with curvable tracks, locks, latches, and multiple meeting posts.

These two-sided doors easily transform large spaces in conference centers or residential facilities into discreet rooms for discrete functions. Natural hardwood or Vinyl-Lam panels. ADA compatible.

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Accordion Doors ANC-440: Security Accordion Doors

Accordion Doors ANC-440 see-through security doors use heavy-duty acrylic panels and an exclusive steel hardware hinge system for installations with moderate security needs, such as concession stands or gift shops in hotels and hospitals.

Choose from modern acrylic, hardwood, or Vinyl-Lam panels in many decorative options to inspire, soothe, or blend in beautifully. ADA compatible.

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Accordion Doors ANC-540: Security Accordion Doors

Keep window shoppers happy while you keep your storefront safe after closing time.Accordion Doors ANC-540 fold doors combine flawless operation with the extra protection of a rigid PVC hinge over a steel rod, between the acrylic panels.

Our range of tracks, locks, latches, and panels in see-through acrylic, gleaming hardwood, or Vinyl-Lam accommodates any installation. ADA compatible.

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